Build 2018 – Day 2


Third article from my Build 2018 series focuses on day 2 of the conference. We will go through all the cool things from the first keynote, check out a few talks, get the best burger in Seattle and finish ourselves off with some yummy ice cream. Stay tuned!

The second keynote is usually a bit less crowded, so calmly woke up at 4:30 AM and reached the Washington State Convention Center at about 5 AM, safely as the first one present (just my luck that Phil does not go to the second keynote this early). Still pretty dark, but not cold, so it was quite comfortable standing outside, especially as I now had my new Surface Book to play with.

After 30 minutes outside a staff member has let me in, so I once again ascended to the third floor and seized the first seat on the bench next to the Skybridge entrance. More attendees started flowing in at about 6:30 AM. The influx of devs is most noticeable on the stability of the Wi-Fi, which just refuses to work at some point, so I gave up on installing the latest version of Unity and just kept chatting and waiting with others.

When we got to the Skybridge, I was lucky to get a selfie with Dona Sarkar who once again visited us and we were patiently waiting for the doors to open. When they did at 8:15 I once again run to secure the front row seat from the day before and once again I succeeded.

The main speaker of Day 2 was, of course, Joe Belfiore, who leads the Windows and Devices group at Microsoft. The keynote was all about Microsoft 365 which covers three offerings – Windows, Office and Microsoft Graph and the talk was covering innovations in all these areas.


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